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Making Way for Office Space: Phase 2

Updated: Apr 26, 2021


THE GOAL: Complete your Workspace

You’ve cleared some space, you’ve packed away items you are not using presently, and you’ve edited some of your functional items! Congratulations!

This year has brought many changes to our lives, and some of those changes are going to stay with us as we banish the threat of Covid from our lives. Working from home is one such change.

Let’s complete your workspace ... you'll need:

Work surface, such as a tabletop or desk

A good task light

Ambient lighting in the room

A chair that fits your body size

A place to hold tech equipment

Vessels for papers or a storage such as a file drawer or box

Containers for office supplies

If your desk is now in the living room, choose a table desk, and a rolling storage cart so that when you are using the room for entertaining, you can move the cart away and make the desk serve as a table. Or put your items in storage bins which can be placed in the closet when you are not using them…. Choose a desk chair that can serve as extra seating and that blends with the living room.

If your desk is now in the bedroom, place it near a window or where the lighting is good, use a beautiful chair you like to look at, and select lighting that fits the mood of the room.

If you are lucky enough to have a home office just for your work at home, you can organize half of the space to fill your personal needs and half of the space for your business needs. Keep your files separated and try to keep the paperwork minimal. Store items in labeled boxes in the closet, and if you have not used an item in two years, give it away, or stash it long term in the basement, garage, or attic.

SHOP THE LOOK: Choose workspace pieces

Shoot me a line at to order any of these great pieces or other options!

These desks are a stylish addition to any small space:

And pair with one of these desk chairs which double as dining chairs:

Store your office "stuff" in one of these vessels:

Consider a bar cart to hold your office supplies - wheel it away whenever needed!

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