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Room with a HUE - Break out of the Beiges!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021


THE GOAL: Add vibrant color to your life

Break free from the Beiges! We’re emerging from the Covid depths, shedding a dark, depressing year; breaking free from being home all the time, and here in California, we are in full Spring swing ... Just think about the new blossoms already showing on the plum trees, and the pink petals of the tulip trees — take a cue from Nature – it’s a good time to add some color to your life. Maybe paint a dining room a fresh coral, or add a colorful wall covering (all the rage right now) to your powder room.....a little fresh color goes a long way in cheering up your interiors ....

Where do I draw my color inspiration? Open a fashion magazine and you will see pattern and color everywhere.....very few boring tones, and if they show up they are combined with dark rich browns, or saturated mid tone hues. In these mood boards I created, you can see the coming color trends.....the 80s are back in decorating; PINK is big; more is more......

Now you know I love neutrals, and the key to updating those now is to just add a few color touches, perhaps a vase, flowers, a new pillow or two..... Lamp bases can introduce a color accent, and of course, wall art! Just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean it’s YOUR trend, but it is interesting to see how our color tones and patterns and trends mimic those of the fashion world. The colors you see on Spring runways will become the colors of Fall fabrics and interior accessories. It takes much longer to make new dyes and patterns on decorative fabrics and materials than it does for the fashion fabrics. Just think of the juxtaposition of a dressy silver sequined dress with a tan leather hiking boot and denim jacket shown in the new Vogue - that mix is pretty evident (high + low) in the newest Architectural Digest......have fun, and if you’re stuck, call us for help!! I just read somewhere that using High (1st dibs) and Low (Target) keeps you current, it’s that middle road that just reads, “BORING!”

SHOP THE LOOK: Creating a Room with a Hue

Here are some stylish and economical pops of color from my curated collection from our trade resources. GCD will receive a commission on any of these hand-chosen pieces ordered. Or shoot me a line at to discuss dozens of other options!

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